The Graduate Program in Food Engineering (PGEAL) at the Federal University of Santa Catarina was created in 2000 and is currently ranked note 6 at CAPES (Brazilian Fundung Agency). The program constantly seeks excellence in the training of its students through highly qualified professors and the development of relevant and innovative research projects with national and international impact.

The quality of the PGEAL has allowed its graduate students to enter and work in undergraduate and graduate academic education at the most prestigious institutions and in the research and development of products and processes in the food and related industrial sector. Seeking to achieve the goal of excellence, PGEAL has increased its national visibility through inter-institutional projects, such as Masters and Doctoral degrees out of UFSC and Student Mobility Programs (PROCAD) along with other graduate programs in the area.

As a form of international projection, PGEAL maintains partnerships with renowned institutions in different locations worldwide. Thus, PGEAL offers to its students the opportunity to exchange with different institutions and with different topics related to Food Engineering, Science and Technology.